C r e a t i v i t y    i s   t h e   n e w   m e d i c i n e


Cassette Monkeys is a Web3 brand developing solutions to help decentralise mental health through creativity.

Phase 1

Build the Cassette Monkeys community, share stories, discussions and ideas with our #PressPlay podcast series.


Launch focus groups to find out how we can best serve the community. 

Launch Cassette Monkeys NFTs.

Phase 2

Launch our XR startup; combining tech with creativity and mental health.

Phase 3

Scale the business and release our associated documentary film.












Emma Hames

Founder & CEO

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Hi, I'm Emma. I trained in education and science, whilst my biggest passion has always been music. I started playing saxophone aged 10, and picked up guitar in my teens. I've been songwriting for about 5-10 years, and recently started producing and releasing tracks as I continue recovering from a prescription medicine injury - the reason why Cassette Monkeys was created. The first two songs written for the associated film were played on BBC Introducing in the UK and will be released on Spotify soon. I also paint in my spare time as a way to switch off and de-screen. Both music and art continue to be integral to my healing, and I hope this journey can help others in their healing, and creating a no-regrets life. My website can be found at emmahames.com



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Adryenn Ashley


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Adryenn is a social influencer with a global reach of over 100M who has mastered the art and science of going viral on social media by starting conversations that matter. Specialties: Adryenn is a high tech priestess and big data geek (forensic accountant, asset protection specialist, and certified divorce financial analyst specializing in picking apart data and analyzing behavioral patterns & consumer behavior, marketing, e-commerce conversion. Adryenn is also an international blockchain / startup / social media speaker.


Gidney MS

science lead

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Florence is a scientist at the UK’s leading Dementia Research Institute (UKDRI), working on developing effective novel treatments for Huntington’s Disease, Myotonic Dystrophy Type I, and several other neurological disorders with the same underlying cause. 

Studying Biomedical Sciences, followed by a Master’s in Neuroimaging, Florence has a long-held interest in neuroscience, psychology, mental health, and the beauty of the brain.  Florence is keen to discover and contribute to understanding around how holistic modalities and creativity can help heal the brain, and improve mental health.

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Hi all, Leandro here. I consider myself a musician with a passion for learning. 
I’ve been playing in bands for years and enjoying life around music before I started developing my professional career.  
Setting up my first successful business and really understanding the importance of working collectively for a better result became a life style that I truly love and enjoy. 
I am a dreamer who can easily spot another of my kind and I feel my life mission is combining dreams, ideas and turn them into meaningful things. 
I love meeting and working with fearless and creative people who don’t take simple things in life for granted. 
Simplicity after all is the only relatable and effective form of communication.




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blockchain advisor

P&M Consulting Partners

Partners & Ambassadors

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dr. perry d. white
President & CEO - Harmony Foundation

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the film

This film is centred around Emma's story of surviving a prescription medicine injury. This was a medication that she was told she needed for anxiety, after going a year without breathing properly due to a virus. Really, all that she needed was some rest and reassurance. But she trusted in the doctors and this medication- a decision which would significantly impact her life for the next 10 years. A decision that almost cost her her life.

Over 120,000,000 people worldwide are currently on the same class of medication for mental health reasons - and it's a statistic that's exponentially rising. Whilst some medications are necessary and can be life saving, we also believe that the majority of these types of drugs are often given unnecessarily - and can actually result in harm.


For those who have been harmed, there is often then little to no support available - with many people not understanding the true severity of the situation. In Emma's case - music is what helped her most with surviving.

The narrative follows Emma's attempts to write the music for the soundtrack, as part of the film - and then put a band together to go on a world tour off the back of being mostly housebound for 5 years.

Whilst the backstory to the film is about a medication-gone-wrong, it's a universal story about facing our demons and overcoming adversity.


Our ultimate goal with 'Playing with Life' is to leave the audience with a sense of hope: hope in surviving tough times and hope in chasing dreams.

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