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Cassette Monkeys is a production brand, currently working on a documentary film exploring the potential of creativity in overcoming adversity, and has recently launched the #PressPlay podcast.



Building safe spaces through art is one of the most impactful ways to change the world.

Cassette Monkeys aims to help show everyone that they are an artist, no matter where their creative journey takes them, and that this can help unlock self-awareness and core life skills to lead to a life of well-being and fulfilment.


Emma Hames

Founder & CEO

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Hi, I'm Emma. I trained in education and science, whilst my biggest passion has always been music. I started playing saxophone aged 10, and picked up guitar in my teens. I've been songwriting for about 5-10 years, but am only just starting to produce and release those tracks as I continue recovering from a prescription medicine injury - the reason why Cassette Monkeys was created. The first two songs written for the first film under the Cassette Monkeys brand were played on BBC Introducing in the UK and will be released on Spotify soon. I also paint in my spare time as a way to switch off and de-screen. Both music and art continue to be integral to my healing, and I hope this journey can help others in their healing, and creating a no-regrets life. My website can be found at

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