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Everyone has their own journey, and a lot has changed in this world.; with people facing different challenges everyday. Cassette Monkeys  has begun as an NFT collection around a documentary film exploring the potential of creativity in overcoming adversity.

Cassette Monkeys also facilitates creativity, mental health discussions and awareness as a way to help people empower themselves, and the world around them.

Building safe spaces through art is one of the most impactful ways to change the world.

Leading by example, Cassette Monkeys provides a template for creative change and innovation. The team will help show everyone that they are an artist, no matter where their creative journey takes them, and that this can help unlock self-awareness and core life skills to lead a a life of well-being and fulfilment.


Emma Hames

Founder & CEO

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Hi, I'm Emma. I trained in education and science, whilst my biggest passion has always been music. I started playing saxophone aged 10, and picked up guitar in my teens. I've been songwriting for about 5-10 years, and recently started producing and releasing tracks as I continue recovering from a prescription medicine injury - the reason why Cassette Monkeys was created. The first two songs written for the associated film were played on BBC Introducing in the UK and will be released on Spotify soon. I also paint in my spare time as a way to switch off and de-screen. Both music and art continue to be integral to my healing, and I hope this journey can help others in their healing, and creating a no-regrets life. My website can be found at





  • Dylan


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Hi, I’m Dylan, a humanities and philosophy educator who has six years of experience leading discussions and building educational programs around the world, including in communities and states that lack financial freedom and security. I teach people how to build creative confidence by triggering inspiration through mindfulness practices and experiences. This has included ancient theater and cultural tours through Greece, Mindfulness Courses in Thailand and financial education in Dubai. I believe that true freedom begins with mastery over your own creativity and consciousness.

Yuri Czmola is a Web3 Strategist, podcast Host, audio/video production specialist and end to end marketing strategist working with major influencers in the music and extreme sports industries.  

Yuri's goal is to inspire 1,000 communities to adopt the benefits of digital assets. Through mentoring creativity, he hopes to create genuine influential content that resonates with people and helps build community.




Adryenn Ashley


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Adryenn is a social influencer with a global reach of over 100M who has mastered the art and science of going viral on social media by starting conversations that matter. Specialties: Adryenn is a high tech priestess and big data geek (forensic accountant, asset protection specialist, and certified divorce financial analyst specializing in picking apart data and analyzing behavioral patterns & consumer behavior, marketing, e-commerce conversion. Adryenn is also an international blockchain / startup / social media speaker.


Gidney MS

science lead

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Florence is a scientist at the UK’s leading Dementia Research Institute (UKDRI), working on developing effective novel treatments for Huntington’s Disease, Myotonic Dystrophy Type I, and several other neurological disorders with the same underlying cause. 

Studying Biomedical Sciences, followed by a Master’s in Neuroimaging, Florence has a long-held interest in neuroscience, psychology, mental health, and the beauty of the brain.  Florence is keen to discover and contribute to understanding around how holistic modalities and creativity can help heal the brain, and improve mental health.

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